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A date for a business event? A relaxing evening at home? Or maybe a young hot college girl type companion for tonight? This Escort Berlin agency is all about you.

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Status update

With the latest trends in the adult industry, Berlin surely rides the waves. Our escort agency has been working hard to provide high quality services to its customers and it’s now paying off, with many of you writing us to express your satisfaction with the ladies and their lovely attitude. We are, of course, very happy and we hope to keep the standards up and become one of the your first choices in terms of intelligent and sexy feminine company.

We know that starting with May 2014 new businesses will be born in Berlin and we want to be there for your needs: relaxation is not a thing to easily forget about. Ask us for adult stories, we’re masters at telling more than we’re supposed to. Or showing, for that matter. So if you were searching for “escorts  berlin” to score some anal sex tonight or on your next visit to Berlin, you have most certainly came to the right address.

We like to keep our mouths open even when we don’t speak. And you know it’s good. But before going any deeper into this juicy matter and you giving us a ring, here’s a quick status update on how things are going at Berlin Escort Modelle.

Where we are now

With the revamp we had in 2013 for our website things already looked better than the previous years. We’re now working on the mobile version of the website, so we can meet today’s website requirements without breaking a sweat, even though we came to love sweat after a few years in this business. Oh, don’t go that far, we were talking about the sweet kind of sweat, the one that only appears when intense human attraction takes place. You know, THE reason to meet a nice young escort.

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As you may have already noticed, the blog is regularly updated, we created a better content structure based on the escort girls types (blondes, petite etc) – thank you for your kind suggestions guys, also a different type of taxonomy based on the types of services our girls are so keen to provide. From age play and erotic dance to golden shower and soft domination. Some of these services are kinky enough to make your life partner want to slap your sweet buttocks, others are simply services that you told us you like and so we are happy to tell you we’re going to meet your desires.

The majority of these taxonomies have now descriptions so you’d know what you’re getting into, sort of speaking. We are aware that you know very well what you’re getting into, but we wanted to emphasize the safety aspect of it and the fact that we live in great times when we are able to provide you with such services. You definitely know how to show your appreciation, many thanks for that too!

We suggest you have a look over our presentation video if you speak German, it’s short and sweet, like all good things in life, keep an eye on the kink ideas section – your intimate life will see some interesting improvements, and read Alejandra’s top 8 reasons for why she wants to work as a professional escort for our agency.

We have been planning for a while to create a news category on our blog where we grab some interesting titles from online newspapers and keep you updated with what’s happening. It should begin over the next days if we find the time, and it’s meant to respond to some of of interest from other sex workers and people who enjoy escorts and their services (we’ve had a hint here).

Don’t forget we also have social media pages where you can follow our latest news, we really appreciate your attention and your custom. Now get that red-red wine and don’t wait too long before sending us a message, you know we’re crazy about you just like you’re crazy about our kittens.

Psst! Make sure to check these pages: Charlottenburg outcall escorts and About us. Catch you later.

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