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This is the Berlin Escort Modelle blog where we post the latest news and developments about our business and the industry, service standards and articles advocating for maintaining the rights of sex workers in Germany, occasional rants and relevant book recommendations. Most posts are written by our girls or former sex workers. You are more than welcome to comment and contribute with content or corrections.

Find below some of  the topics we write about:

Sex work news – the latest developments regarding sex workers rights and issues Erotic Berlin – stories and information about us and our beautiful ladies. Meta – you, it’s you, it’s all for you: service updates, technical issues etc. Books – where we recommend educational and intelligent reading materials. Articles on Health & Society issues, particularly revolving around sex work and sex workers also comprise a main subcategory on this blog.

Cyd Nova’s 9 Stereotypes Sex Workers Are Tired of Hearing

street style girl in short flower dress yellow sweater

Contrary to the popular belief that sex workers do or don’t do certain things, have or don’t have certain habits and so on, most sex workers want their job (because it’s a job, fella!) to be seen as a job and treated appropriately. If you don’t like to be defined by your job, try not to define sex workers by the job they’re doing. If you’re a programmer, you should know that in the 60’s you would’ve been treated as a hippie life waster instead of being perceived as a pioneer. If you are an artist chances are that in the past few years you’ve been discriminated against in some way or treated as if you’re not doing real work. A PR manager is something didn’t even exist as a job until recently, show some humbleness for Pete’s sake! And if you are trying to preach your religion-based morals to any of us, you’re not only wasting your time, but you’re insulting yourself and us by selling it as if it’s a good thing (it’s not, darling). But this is

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New study about migrant sex workers in the UK


New London Metropolitan University research finds that decriminalising sex work and the people involved and making it easier for all migrants to become and remain documented would improve sex workers’ lives and working conditions and enable them to exercise their rights more fully. In an environment of increasing labour migration, ever more restrictive immigration policy and an increasingly globalised capitalism that favours ‘flexible’, and low paid, workers, migrants have come to form the majority of those who sell sex. Debates (PDF) on migration and the sex industry are often characterised by an ethnicist anti-migrant discourse, by an almost exclusive focus on women, as well as by a marked emphasis on trafficking and exploitation. In the UK, the Home Office is promoting new prostitution strategies aimed at reducing the exploitation of women by criminalising clients and by introducing potentially arbitrary ways of disrupting or closing down commercial sex premises. By gathering the life histories of migrant women, men and transgendered people working in the UK sex industry the research provides an evidence-based analysis which can contribute to the elaboration of more

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New: Latina callgirls in Berlin


Hi guys, hope you’re doing great and business runs as usual, if not better. As you probably have already noticed, we have added two more girls to our team and we’re very excited about this because they both come from Brazil, they are long time friends, they’ve been working in the industry for a while – thus experienced and well adjusted, and they have fantastic personalities. As a result, we created a special category on the website specially for them and we kindly invite you to have a look and have a taste if you appreciate curvy intelligent girls with a lot to offer: the Latina Escort Girls. Latina callgirls in Berlin We know there’s a demand for Latina beauties around the block lately and especially curvy babes. We’re glad we managed to have them both and we’re very pleased to announce that they are at your service. Like before, we wish you the best of fun and relaxation with them, take your time and make sure you feel life isn’t passing you by. They are incredibly joyous and easy

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‘Any attempt at prohibition goes against the interests of the prostitutes’


Is prostitution anti-feminist? The sex work debate in Germany shows no signs of abating and prominent feminists like Chantal Louis of Emma magazine have spearheaded a campaign against it. But that’s only one side of the argument. Some sex workers in Germany argue the merits of their profession. Fabienne (aka Lady Velvet Steel) and Kristina Marlen, both in their mid-30s, have been working in the sex industry for more than five years, as a classical dominatrix and a tantric dominatrix respectively. Both are active in the German Trade Association for Erotic and Sexual Services. How did you enter the profession? Lady Velvet Steel: I was involved in BDSM for a long time previously. The bar where I was working shut down and I needed money to get through the winter. So I started working professionally. Before that I used to work in a workshop for plastic models – breathing toxic fumes for €5.50 an hour! I felt much more prostituted then than I do now. Kristina Marlen: I trained as a physical therapist. But I didn’t want to exclude my

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11 Sex Work Documentaries That Will Challenge You

Live Nude Girls Unite!

“Sex work” is such a catch-all term that it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it means. It can be voluntary or involuntary. It can mean anything from pole dancing to stripping to prostitution to therapy. With a term so hard to pin down, forming an opinion about the definition becomes equally complex. The 11 films on this list walk outside the boundaries of the industry and show us just how vast and diverse the world surrounding this occupation can be. The majority of sex workers aren’t fantastical bleached-blond porn starlets with larger-than-life boob jobs: They’re real working people who get frustrated with the constraints of their various jobs, lifestyles and microeconomies, just like everyone else. And despite sex-positive feminism’s tense efforts at wishing away the ugly parts, there are indeed many sex workers who are unwillingly trapped in prostitution as well. What’s special about all of these documentaries is the way they manage to balance the pretty and the painful, the hopeful with the badass. Whichever way you currently lean when it comes to the often-divisive politics that surround sex

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Sexuality and Social Justice Toolkit by the IDS

Sexuality and Social Justice Toolkit toolkit is developed managed by members of the Sexuality, Poverty and Law Programme at the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) and was designed in consultation with our partners and friends of the Programme. It builds on the strong tradition of work on Sexuality and Development at IDS and on the experience and knowledge of IDS staff and partners. There is deep concern at the number of people who are excluded from the process and benefits of development because of their sexuality. Activists and development professionals, amongst others, face great challenges in engaging with political and legal processes to bring about positive social change. The toolkit was developed under the auspices of IDS’s Sexuality, Poverty and Law Programme. The toolkit provides guidance, supported by up-to-date case studies, on the ways in which activists, lawyers, donor agencies and NGOs, amongst others, can use policy and the law to challenge exclusion and marginalisation related to sexuality. It breaks down legal jargon and outlines the key aspects of policy-making and legal processes in an accessible format. It also provides

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Open Internet Project and how it affects the sex work industry

For once, things could be getting better in terms of allowing fair competition in Google’s search results when it comes to the sex work industry. Open Internet Project is a community of European Consumers and Digital Entrepreneurs that demand ban of Google’s manipulative favouring of own services and content. In our situation manipulative favouring of own services and content is not the case since Google is not competing with us in the sex work industry – thank god for that. But what it does in our case is to constantly ban our Google+ profiles and anything related to our website while allowing others to be, thus preventing fair competition within the search results by denying our chances to compete in the first place.  When you’re googling for Berlin Escorts you can find certain websites that are doing pretty well in terms of position ranking and other interesting results. Now we’re not going to get into SEO debating, guessing and analysing Google’s guidelines in this sesnse. We have sure read those guidelines countless times, but because they own 90% of the

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Facts about escorts in Berlin that you didn’t know

Facts about escorts in Berlin

Facts about escorts in Berlin that you probably didn’t know is a small piece written by Alejandra Berlin, one of our highly wanted escorts. Berlin is already considered a sex worker’s paradise, with a 15 billion / year profits turnover and a smartly organised industry, meant to serve anyone who is willing to pay for such services. Girls from everywhere in Europe come here to find work in this area. People from all over the world come here to meet those who offer this type of services. All in all, the industry is still growing, but maybe you can’t really grasp how far it has gone, and I mean that in a very good way, since I’m a proud sex worker myself. It’s still funny and sad (and it’s not a contradiction in this case) that current laws are not providing the safest environment for the people who choose to provide sexual services and that Germany is considering changing the current legislation that is regarded as a relaxed and is widely applauded by the sex workers themselves and that French

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Sex workers and the sex industry regulations in the UK

uk model

Prof Graham Scambler, Professor of Medical Sociology, UCL Institute of Epidemiology & Health talks about the sex industry as it was in 2009 (which is not different from what it is and how it works today) with focus on the female sex workers. Professor Graham will try and challenge some myths and stereotypes surrounding this industry in the video below, also speak about the how the society could best regulate this industry, if we must regulate it in the first place, considering that it “excites strong emotions, and sometimes evidence-based policy is replaced by policy-based evidence.” He goes on to explain that he identified two discourses that have been influential and are used by various countries to regulate the sex industry, one is the public health – a rather liberal stance, and the other, more powerful in its effect and with a strong ideology, a sex trafficking discourse. “We should look at the likely consequences of a law, rather than let our moral precepts dictate what the law is regardless of the consequences of its implementation.” The talk is vert

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Kink ideas: how to dress for an adult themed party

So you’re preparing to go to your first adult themed party with your new friends. Smart woman, we say! Before wasting too much time on how to dress and spend a lot of money on typical kinky outfits, with laces, leather and whatever the online sex shops offer, why not go for a simple, fresh, fashion friendly look?

Whatever they say, sex work it’s just work for most

sex work is just work

Sex is no stranger to the Internet, and yet sex workers — including porn actors, escorts and webcam models — continue to face unique hostility in the digital age. In addition to stigma, negativity and “rescue” efforts, many sex workers face discrimination from online services that most of us use without thinking twice. For example, Amazon has allegedly deleted sex workers’ Wish Lists, while Chase Bank recently began canceling non-criminal sex workers’ accounts. Read the entire article on Mashable.

Escorts Berlin Germany

escorts berlin website

With the latest trends in the adult industry, Berlin surely rides the waves. Our agency has been working hard to provide high quality services to its customers and it’s now paying off, with many of you writing us to express your satisfaction with the ladies and their lovely attitude. We are, of course, very happy and we hope to keep the standards up and become one of the your first choices in terms of intelligent and sexy feminine company. We know that starting with May 2014 new businesses will be born in Berlin and we want to be there for your needs: relaxation is not a thing to easily forget about. Ask us for adult stories, we’re masters at telling more than we’re supposed to. Or showing, for that matter. So if you were searching for “Escorts Berlin Germany” to score some sex tonight or on your next visit to Berlin, you have most certainly came to the right address. We like to keep our mouths open even when we don’t speak. And you know it’s good.

Why work as an escort (sex worker) – my top 8 reasons

alejandra and cami

All of my colleagues have their own reasons to work in the adult industry and no one, including myself, can judge them and their lives based on those reasons. The decision in itself is a bold one, you’ll have to agree with that. Not everyone is cut to do it and even those who are, find it terribly difficult to get into this business for a number of many other reasons, safety and dignity being the most relevant and serious of them all. For most sex workers dignity is not an issue, particularly for those who work in the grey area of law that today allows sex services to be sold; for those who work on the streets, things can be different indeed. But I won’t be going into that this time. Why work as an escort, my top 8 personal reasons ♠ ♠ ♠ 1. The money is good. Coming from a background somewhere not far below the middle class, life seemed to provide me with less opportunities to pursue my happiness as I have defined it. I’ve always

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Thought-provoking book about sexism [Book recommendation]

everyday sexism

It’s not the bombs, the merciless big corporations people or the lawyers who will ruin this world of ours. It’s ideas that hijack our brains, like religion, conspirational BS and the way we think it’s ok to treat each other, as human beings. And when we become so angered by the fact that someone stops and admonishes us by saying that whatever stupid comment we made it’s completely sexist, demeaning and upsetting to a category of people, it’s a sign that we’re heading the wrong direction with our societal values or whatever we want to call them; we should be ashamed of ourselves instead of showcasing our ignorance further. Don’t let yourself fooled into thinking that feminism means bashing men; that’s some extreme view of it. Feminism is about equality and mutual respect. Historically, this equality hasn’t really existed. Nor the respect. It’s really the time to change this for the better. And maybe you could listen a bit before going ballistic on everyone who supports this idea. After experiencing a series of escalating sexist incidents, Laura Bates, a young

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