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Outcall escorts in Berlin for sex and social nights out

What are outcall escorts?

Outcall escorts are companions who go to the client’s location to provide the service they are contracted for. Following the definition, an incall escort is the companion who receives the client at her or his location. If it’s a “pleasure house”, it’s usually the case for incall escorts.

We, at Berlin Escort Modelle, only offer outcall escorts in Berlin (and especially Charlottenburg) at this point for the following reasons: it’s easier to maintain our standards, protect your privacy and ensure everyone is happy. Read more about our prices and the types of services we provide with a big smile, a warm heart and a short tight dress.

big heart

big heart


There are advantages to booking outcall escorts in Berlin; first, once you’ve booked in at your favourite hotel, you can call us for one of our ladies and the girl (or girls, if you like) will come directly to your room, where you can enjoy your time at your own pace. There’s also the space familiarity, the fact that you don’t have to worry about anything and, of course, because it’s so very easy.

Why do most people prefer outcall escorts to incall escorts?

Before, it used to be very much a matter of trust; one could get into trouble with the wrong kind of people; they could get robbed or assaulted or both by organized crime gangs by going to dodgy places where they knew no one. Getting a lady to visit them instead of them going on a search night for sexual fun seemed more rational and safe.

There was also the fact that when you went to such a pleasure house, people could recognize you. Now if you were a regular citizen, that wouldn’t be such a drag in the end; sure, the society’s moral norms were much more of a pain than they are now, but you could eventually enjoy a good sex night for a good price. But if you were someone who people would recognize, like a public figure, this would seriously damage your reputation (as it still does nowadays, sadly).

Getting a sexy fun girl to visit you offered the much needed discretion.

Now it’s still about trust, but it’s more of a privacy concern rather than anything else. Most adult oriented businesses in Germany are safe, legal and pay taxes now.

Some of our clients prefer outcall escorts for the convenience this comes with; no hassle, no stress, just eat, shower, run some music to set the mood on and burn a nice candle – all good! Others just don’t have the time to wander through Berlin.

To summarize, these are the main reasons why clients usually prefer outcall escorts to incall escorts:

 Ξ   Privacy: you know your place / room, there are no hidden cameras or recording devices; plus, no one needs to know you have a guest tonight.

 Ξ   Convenience: it’s always easier to get your pizza delivered than going to buy it yourself; it’s about being comfortable after a hard day’s work. Also, this way you can arrange your room to ensure you enjoy the most of your session (furniture arrangement, aromatic oils, ambient music etc.).

 Ξ   Time: choosing a fair lady to suit your tastes will probably take a while; it’s faster to have a look at some nice websites while at work and just book a girl than to look for that girl after work.

 Ξ   Comfort: it’s not that easy to get ready to greet someone whom you’re about to have sex with when you’re not ready; having that someone to come over after you first took care of your needs is essential in order to ensure you fully enjoy your time.

Most sex service providers offer outcall instead of incall; it’s cheaper as it doesn’t involve licenses for premises, staff, rent and other hassle.

Whatever your reason may be, Berlin Escort Modelle is here to help you enjoy life, the city, the food and the pleasures the human body can offer (plenty, that is). Let your mind do the work, unwind and relax, you’re in good hands.

While at it, the scenario comes like this: most of our clients prefer outcall escorts because it’s always easier and more comfortable to simply give us a call after a hard day’s work and then go home, take a long relaxing shower, meet a professional entertainer who has the looks and the naughtiness and finish the evening in style. Simple as that.

Looking to work as an escort? Learn more about us or read the most asked questions.

2 Comments to “Outcall escorts in Berlin for sex and social nights out”

  1. alexandre says:

    Iwill be staing at a hotel in Berlin in February. The radisson blue. Is there a problem requesting a scort-sext program to my room as far as the hotel policy is concerned ?
    Is it possible to know the cost in advance with the girl by contacting her previously ?

    • Michaela says:

      Hi Alexandre,

      Thanks for your question.

      Unfortunately we can’t comment on the policy of any hotel in Berlin as sometimes such policies are either not explicit or they’re enforced occasionally. This is the sort of knowledge one acquires first hand; with time the people in management change as do policies.

      Regarding the information such as prices, times and other details – you will receive all the necessary information in order to be able to make an informed decision before you place the booking, of course. FYI, we practice one set of prices for everyone and for everything included [if the girl(s) of your choice are happy to provide the required service – check their individual profiles for details], so you can rest assured you’ll have no surprises.

      We hope the information above helped; feel free to email or call us to discuss in more detail – we’re always happy to have a chat here at BEM.

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