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Berlin Escort Modelle Blog

This is the Berlin Escort Modelle blog where we post the latest news and developments about our business and the industry, service standards and articles advocating for maintaining the rights of sex workers in Germany, occasional rants and relevant book recommendations. Most posts are written by our girls or former sex workers. You are more than welcome to comment and contribute with content or corrections.

Find below some of  the topics we write about:

Sex work news – the latest developments regarding sex workers rights and issues Erotic Berlin – stories and information about us and our beautiful ladies. Meta – you, it’s you, it’s all for you: service updates, technical issues etc. Books – where we recommend educational and intelligent reading materials. Articles on Health & Society issues, particularly revolving around sex work and sex workers also comprise a main subcategory on this blog.

Global Sex Workers: Rights, Resistance, and Redefinition [Book recommendation]

Global Sex Workers presents the personal experiences of sex workers around the world. Drawing on their individual narratives, it explores international struggles to uphold the rights of this often marginalized group. Sexual preferences are determined culturally in our societies for the most part. It’s a treat we all share regardless of sex, but societal standards (such as what’s desired in terms of body shapes and what’s considered to be beautiful, in what parts of the world and why) can be influenced by the level of education and historical aspects of that society, to oversimplify. The book makes a very good case for why all forms of sex work should be legal (age, consent and informed decision are already implied) and how, once entirely decriminalised, it can positively affect a vast number of aspects regarding the industries formed around it, including the public understanding of sex work, like the social stigma. Get it securely from Amazon. The concept of sex work emerged in the 70s through the prostitutes’ rights movements in the US and Western Europe. Definitions and stances came to light

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Lyon international meeting of sex workers (31 May – 2 June)

Lyon international meetings of sex workers 2015

STRASS (Strass Syndicat du travail sexuel), the Syndicate of Sex Workers in France, made a call for proposal for workshops for the international meeting of sex workers that will take place in Lyon between 31st of May and 2nd of June this year. They are actively looking for suggestions from sex workers from all over the world, although many of these suggestions will probably come from European countries as a result of the established education systems and citizenship. These meetings intend to address sex workers from all industries – their needs, the current socio-political environments in their own countries but also at a broader level, from the street level service providers to the adult film industry, webcam operators and everyone in between. The workshop proposals will be the basis of the program of the meeting; you must share your ideas before April 30 at: (the submission date has passed for these workshops, but ideas, proposals and justice seeking is as relevant as ever, even if your particular case is not going to be addressed this time). “If we receive

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Doing the Deed (A Wife’s Anal Training) [Book recommendation]

Doing the Deed (A Wife's Anal Training)

There are plenty of reasons why your wife doesn’t want to try anal. Maybe because you don’t show the patience she needs (there, I’ve said it!) in order for her to even consider it, she’s reluctant to try the very first step. Maybe she already tried it with her ex (the not so smart, but a hottie hulky) and that pothead didn’t understood there’s a whole lot more to it than inserting your penis into a hole – he actually managed to ruin it for you as well with his arrogance. Maybe she thinks of it in not so calm terms, if you get my drift. Maybe a lot of things. The point is, there’s help out there, or at least an encouragement that you shouldn’t give up if your wife’s ass is worth it or if your fantasy regarding her ass is enough to make your rocks get harder and bothersome. And anal sex if frigging awesome! One of these materials is “Doing the Deed (A Wife’s Anal Training)“; I can’t promise much, of course, as things dramatically differ

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ITB Berlin 2015 – Travel Trade Show

ITB Berlin 2015

ITB Berlin (International Tourism Bourse) is the largest and most successful trade show in the tourism industry, that tackles everything travel, tourism and hospitality;  the self titled World’s Leading Travel Trade Show will see 10,096 exhibitors from 186 countries this year, on its 49th edition, and is taking place between 4 and 8 of March at Messe Berlin. Admission is free for trade visitors. Around 174.000 people are expected to arrive and Berlin Escort Modelle is, as every year since 2009, very happy to meet (and thoroughly entertain) some of the professionals who come to Berlin. Work and pleasure is something we’re quite good at and every year we managed to bring joy, laughs and sexual relief to many of you. Really nice to see you again. Let us entertain you and pamper your for a couple of days, please have a look on our offer: hot blondes, sexy brunettes, petite, busty, threesome, kinks, you name it. To sum it up: come for the business, stay for the pleasure. Let a sexy naked student with smooth lips and soft hands

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Don’t try to give us orgasms, please. We’re working!

Marina Berlin Escort

We often get told the “I’m gonna give it to you real good” story, where the man almost goes out of his way to make us, women, reach sexual climax. There are variations of that story, like “I’m gonna make you feel good”, “let me show you what my dick can do”, “have ever had sex with a real man?” and “I bet nobody fucked you this good before”, among many others. And many times these aren’t just stories. Guys often try to materialise them. They pound with style, hard and fast. They f*ck me from behind like the world is ending tomorrow. These are all nice, of course, generally speaking. If my limits are respected – whatever makes you happy, babes! It’s what I’m here for. But they have little to do with most of us. First, most of us (I’d like to believe that all of us, in this case) love our jobs. We’re good at it, we’ve been doing it for a while (some) or we’ve been learning crash-course style for the past 6 months or more.

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The misery in the prostitution, by Felicia Anna

The misery in the prostitution

By Felicia Anna According to Jojanneke [Dutch journalist] it’s all misery in the prostitution. 70% would be forced, she claimed, a source has yet to been found. Yes, someone from the Public Prosecution Office would have said it, but how come nobody can find it than, if they know it so well? With her documentary Jojanneke wants to show the misery in prostitution. No surprise there, after all, she was already convinced even before her documentary that 80% was forced, so that’s what she’ll be looking for. Of course she claims to have searched for the ‘happy hooker’, a lady that does it out of her own free will. She didn’t find it, she claims. Strangely enough I’m really not that hard to find. And neither are the many other girls I personally know, friends, colleagues I’ve worked with for years, even girls I hate. In fact, it seems nobody I know has talked with Jojanneke, which begs the question: who did she talk to? It should come as no surprise that Jojanneke talked with the people that have had a bad experience in

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The difference between a “hooker” and a “porn star” – an open letter to Lisa Ann

lisa ann

KVA & Associates is a legal practice in Australia providing legal advice to the adult entertainment and sex work industry (Twitter). Lisa Ann is an American porn star, also an advocate (2010) of the Free Speech Coalition, which opposes the passage and enforcement of obscenity laws and many censorship laws but, ironically, not the “anti-piracy” laws. In a Youtube videoclip Lisa makes the case that is a clear difference between a “hooker” and a “porn star” and suggests that sex workers who make their living from escorting don’t share the same dignity and health-conscious ethics as those who work in the adult film industry. She goes on using pejorative terms regarding sex workers in the escorting industry, such as “weird ranch on mattresses” when they have sex in exchange for money (just like adult film actors also do) and catching “staph infections” while doing so, because – she implies –  escorts can’t have the same standards as the adult film industry actors when it comes to performing. KVA & Associates wrote an open letter to Lisa’s rather-ignorant video rant on their blog, making a

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International Green Week Berlin 2015

international green week berlin 2015

International Green Week Berlin (2015 edition) is an established and one of the busiest public exhibitions in the world for the food, agriculture, and gardening industry. Every year, more than 1200 exhibitors from all over the world present innovations, new products and set trends within these industries, they make connections, meet potential business partners, investors and specialists and discuss the latest standards, interests and sometimes the best ways to lobby the governments to adopt certain measures or encourage developments. Although we’d sure want to, we doubt that we could find ourselves among the sponsors for such an event. However, it’s almost like a tradition for us as well since every year quite a number of business people – men usually – ask for our escorts in Berlin and surrounding cities. And, as always, we’re not just excited about serving the gentlemen and ladies who pertain to our sexual services in Berlin, but we’ve prepared for the International Green Week Berlin in style, postponing a certain percent of our normal orders to properly cover the event. We have always had happy

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Sex Work Is Real Work

sex work is real work

By Eva Gantz The most recent attack on the legitimacy of sex work attempts to indict the word itself. Sarah Ditum recently penned a piece entitled “Why we shouldn’t rebrand prostitution as ‘sex work.’ She lists various reasons for wanting to formalize and normalize the word “prostitute” instead. As some in the sexuality field may already know, many sex workers find the term “prostitute” offensive, and even consider it a slur. For this reason, there is a petition for AP style guide to change their official term to “sex worker” instead of “prostitute”. This petition is led by sex workers and their advocates and allies, and is one crucial step to decreasing stigma around this industry. Ditum’s insistence that sex work is not in fact legitimate work — and that we all call its workers by a word with a hurtful, stigmatized history — leads me to wonder how frequently Ditum herself has engaged in any sex work, since she feels so comfortable speaking on their behalf. It doesn’t appear that she has any meaningful experience in this field, at least from her prior

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Sex workers and the young IT professionals

Sex workers and the young IT professionals

A few days back, you could read in the UK’s Metro (and other newspapers) that one in nine men has paid to have sex and that they “tend to be” IT professionals between 25  and 34. Why you shouldn’t trust newspapers in general and tabloids in particular, despite them citing as their source of information a respected research journal (in this case, the Sexually Transmitted Infections journal – STI journal)? Allow me, please. In the past 30 years, the typical printed news business model hasn’t quite done that well in terms of quality journalism. In fact, one could easily point out the striking resemblance between these and what’s now Vice and The Huffington Post magazines: a mixture of trash tabloid shock-content and cheap content strategy where the title is meant to “hook-and-sell” and where only about 25% of their content is actually newsworthy and with solid information to back some of their ridiculous claims up. Even businesses that are well known for respecting the deontology of their industry with all the responsibility that arises from a influential role where you

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International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

The Nordic Model has been causing a lot of stir in Europe, and for the good reasons, we must say. There have been public meetings in several countries and campaigning against this amendment from various NGO’s supporting the sex workers’ rights, including sex workers themselves, particularly in the UK and US. “Today, a growing consensus around the world claims the sex trade perpetuates male violence against women, and so customers should be held as criminals. On the contrary, it’s decriminalizing prostitution that could make women—in and outside the sex industry—safer.” In a landmark win, the amendment to criminalise sex workers’ clients was defeated in the House of Commons with John McDonnell MP making a very good argumentation against the clause (watch video here). Hong Kong wasn’t far away and stories about sex workers being abused and neglected by the society and the Government – because of bad legislation, stigma and lack of understanding – surfaced and made the news. In the light of the recent events and campaigns, Sex Workers Outreach Project, a USA based social justice network dedicated to

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Outcall escorts Berlin

big heart

What are outcall escorts? Outcall escorts are companions who go to the client’s location to provide the service they are contracted for. Following the definition, an incall escort is the companion who receives the client at her or his location. If it’s a “pleasure house”, it’s usually the case for incall escorts. We, at Berlin Escorts, are happy to say we only offer outcall escorts in Berlin, all over Germany and almost anywhere in Europe; it’s easier to maintain our standards, protect you privacy and ensure everyone is happy. Read more about our prices and the types of services we provide with a big smile, a warm heart and a short tight dress. Our heart below:   There are advantages to booking outcall escorts in Berlin; first, once you’ve booked in at your favourite hotel, you can call us for one of our ladies and the girl (or girls, if you like) will come directly to your room, where you can enjoy your time at your own pace. There’s also the space familiarity, the fact that you don’t have to

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Cyd Nova’s 9 Stereotypes Sex Workers Are Tired of Hearing

street style girl in short flower dress yellow sweater

Contrary to the popular belief that sex workers do or don’t do certain things, have or don’t have certain habits and so on, most sex workers want their job (because it’s a job, fella!) to be seen as a job and treated appropriately. If you don’t like to be defined by your job, try not to define sex workers by the job they’re doing. If you’re a programmer, you should know that in the 60’s you would’ve been treated as a hippie life waster instead of being perceived as a pioneer. If you are an artist chances are that in the past few years you’ve been discriminated against in some way or treated as if you’re not doing real work. A PR manager is something didn’t even exist as a job until recently, show some humbleness for Pete’s sake! And if you are trying to preach your religion-based morals to any of us, you’re not only wasting your time, but you’re insulting yourself and us by selling it as if it’s a good thing (it’s not, darling). But this is

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New study about migrant sex workers in the UK


New London Metropolitan University research finds that decriminalising sex work and the people involved and making it easier for all migrants to become and remain documented would improve sex workers’ lives and working conditions and enable them to exercise their rights more fully. In an environment of increasing labour migration, ever more restrictive immigration policy and an increasingly globalised capitalism that favours ‘flexible’, and low paid, workers, migrants have come to form the majority of those who sell sex. Debates (PDF) on migration and the sex industry are often characterised by an ethnicist anti-migrant discourse, by an almost exclusive focus on women, as well as by a marked emphasis on trafficking and exploitation. In the UK, the Home Office is promoting new prostitution strategies aimed at reducing the exploitation of women by criminalising clients and by introducing potentially arbitrary ways of disrupting or closing down commercial sex premises. By gathering the life histories of migrant women, men and transgendered people working in the UK sex industry the research provides an evidence-based analysis which can contribute to the elaboration of more

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