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This is the Berlin Escort Modelle blog where we post the latest news and developments about our business and the industry, service standards and articles advocating for maintaining the rights of sex workers in Germany, occasional rants and relevant book recommendations. Most posts are written by our girls or former sex workers. You are more than welcome to comment and contribute with content or corrections.

Find below some of  the topics we write about:

Sex work news – the latest developments regarding sex workers rights and issues Erotic Berlin – stories and information about us and our beautiful ladies. Meta – you, it’s you, it’s all for you: service updates, technical issues etc. Books – where we recommend educational and intelligent reading materials. Articles on Health & Society issues, particularly revolving around sex work and sex workers also comprise a main subcategory on this blog.

How to book an outcall escort in Berlin

denise berlin escort

You are on this page because you’re looking to find out how to book an outcall escort from Escort Modelle of Berlin. It’s quite simple. All you have to do is make a selection of the girl (or girls – if you’re after a bisexual threesome) you’re interested in, click the “Book now” button below the girl presentation or ring the agency directly at (+49)15 22 10 40 240 and tell the receptionist where you wish to meet with your chosen girl. Find below the usual steps of booking an outcall escort in Berlin, Germany and even Europe. How to book outcall escorts in Berlin Easiest: call us. You can enquire about the prices, timings, kinks, safety or whatever else you’d like to know. Easier: use the booking form under each girl’s presentation (scroll down the page). Easy: email us. Use to write to us. Easy, but less timely: social media. We don’t check those often enough, although we get there eventually. We’ve been activating successfully in the Charlottenburg area of Berlin since the inception of Berlin Escort Modelle. If

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Social escort Berlin

Contrary to the popular belief that all men and women who are calling for sexy escorts simply to have a sexual relief, to fulfill a sexual fantasy or spend their money enjoying an exotic fuck, there is a substantial group of people who make use of the escort services for non sexual reasons. Social escorts can be regular escorts or high class escorts. Usually the latter since people who need a social escort ask for some particular qualities that aren’t necessarily sexually related, but most frequently it implies certain social skills. These people are usually business men who need an intelligent, high class lady, to be present for their business meetings, dinners and fund raising activities and they want the girl to be able to entertain the discussions with light subjects and generally make a good, relaxed impression on everybody around. It helps them close nice long-lasting deals with their business partners, relax and sometimes brag about their catch, when they don’t admit the lady is an escort (although most probably everyone already knows and they manifest a little jealousy

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The adult entertainment industry and the social media

social media porn

I found a very interesting slide about how the adult industry is using social media these days; since social media is changing how to perceive the surrounding world, how we communicate and share information between ourselves, the adult industry is subjected to the same changes and effects. Basically all performers, regardless of the industry, need strong social profiles to get better contracts and gain the much needed popularity. Social media allows and empowers them to obtain higher social profiles and popularity amongst their fans and, ultimately, their employers. Most of our clients come from the Internet. They’re tech savvy, they use the Internet and most of them communicate and share information through their social media accounts. It’s fairly easy to conclude that this group of people would like to keep updated with their pleasure and entertainment providers. As the society drives itself according to the social dynamics, the last couple of years have seen an increased interest in some fetishes but presented almost the same level of interest for traditional sexual stimulants. Adult Entertainment actors are using social media to

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A birthday surprise for your wife (Kink ideas)

marina blonde escort

Sex life for couples who’ve been together for many years can turn into a boring every-day-do’s-and-dont’s lists and chores; but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, bring her the moon or buy your wife a new car (although admittedly you could do that and hope for the best) to spice up your long time romance. What we’d suggest is a bit different, more down to Earth and sexually involved. There’s an idea for you: call your wife and tell her you have a surprise for her birthday, a tender wet and luscious one that is. “Honey, don’t be late tonight, we’re gonna have a late desert this evening. Oh, and that really short dress I love must be on you for this.” Birthday surprise for wife / Source She’ll get curious and suspect what you have in mind for the desert, but she’ll play along and hurry to finish earlier today. She’ll be thinking maybe she should get another dress for the occasion, even shorter and teen-ish, because over 40′s can be damn sexy and experience can sure add

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A call girl in Berlin

marina call girl berlin

As the summer comes, Berlin is getting hotter in every sense. People smile more, girls wear less clothes and public parks hide lovers who slip their hands under the t-shirts. Marina is one of our high valued call girls in Berlin. She’s very sexy and attractive, kisses like a queen, but hums like a kitten. She’s also a good listener and keeps eye contact when you’re addressing her. Nights can be unforgettable with this fantastic girl. Marina is always on time and she rarely disappoints. Fit and a known teaser, she can play your girlfriend better than your actual girlfriend. Ask her for a massage and the heaven will fall upon you, with a stars explosion of eroticism and sweet caresses. If soft bondage makes you scream of pleasure, you can have it. Or try toys. Adults have always known that toys are no longer for children only. But why stop here? Combine your erotic massage with some exotic toys and ask her to be soft-dominant with you. Now you’re talking. To all seekers out there we’d like to tell

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Asian, Eastern European or Western Escorts – Which do you prefer?

I’ve always had a thing for Asian escorts and eastern european escorts, some call it fetish, some say it’s because the late cultural mix between our races, some blame it on porn and others simply don’t think about it but secretly hope they’ll meet one and – dear god – they will remember it for the rest of their lives. I wonder what’s the preference in Berlin. Do most Berliners fancy a passionate Latina, a  red haired voluptuous westerner, an Eastern European slim goddess or a dark skinned sexy-as-hell escort who knows how to turn the world around? Maybe the blonde escorts have a bigger client base? Or the brunettes? But before deciding on one or more of these preferences, let’s see what these stereotypes are known for. Western Escorts Although the high class escorts come from every possible background, people tend to believe it’s a western attribute. We all know it’s not, but it’s more important how it’s perceived than how the situation really is. So some prefer the westerners for their high class brand, education, sophistication and promoters

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Increasing interest in ladyboys on the Internet

One man’s fun is another’s hell is one saying. Maybe not hell, but as the “well defined” boundaries between masculinity and femininity tend to fade (naturally, I’d add), people’s interest in ladyboys has increased. And as the religious ones will try to burn them down, the laws pretend the transsexuals who psychologically feel women are not women (as if a legislator should have a saying in this unless it affects some third party directly) and the fine appreciators of exotic erotism are going cuckoo happy about this, Google’s search engine can’t tell the difference between right or wrong because those concepts are made by people. What Google shows is this: Interest over time. Web Search. Worldwide, 2004 – present. Since 2004 the interest for the third gender has increased rather slowly until 2007, when we can see a sudden burst of energy and imagination over this. It’s related to the number of people having access to the Internet, education, social dynamism and acceptance. But 2013 has just begun and the transsexuals admirers have gone over the top with their love.

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A night with Alejandra in the old Berlin

alejandra berlin in a dress having coffee

— UPDATE 12.05.2015 Alejandra is back everyone! For all of you to whom Alejandra represented one of the good reasons to come to Berlin and enjoy a little harmless escapism, this is certainly dear news. Head over to her profile for bookings and more info. Thanks! — UPDATE 24.06.2014: Alejandra is leaving Berlin Escort Modelle to pursue other dreams. We apologise for the inconvenience and we’d like to invite you to have a look over the delightful options we currently present.   For those of you who already met gorgeous Alejandra there’s nothing more really that I can say to convince you to go out with her again. You probably already asked for her charms more than  a couple of times. No doubt, she’s worth it! But for those of you who haven’t met Alejandra, you don’t know what you’re missing. And this is not an over reaction, trust me. Alejandra knows secrets and she’s willing to share them when the mood is right and when your caresses show her how you feel. Every little gesture, every pointed finger, every

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This escort has taken some time off

beach giirl

You have been automatically redirected here. This escort is taking some time off from Berlin Escort Modelle to pursue other dreams. We apologise for the inconvenience and we’d like to invite you to have a look over the delightful options we currently present.   Should you have any questions, please check whether they’ve been answered already on our FAQ page or use the contact form to send us a message. Thank you for your understanding, we really appreciate your interest. BEM team.

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