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A date for a business event? A relaxing evening at home? Or maybe a young hot college girl type companion for tonight? This Escort Berlin agency is all about you.

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Berlin Escort Modelle Blog

This is the Berlin Escort Modelle blog where we post the latest news and developments about our business and the industry, service standards and articles advocating for maintaining the rights of sex workers in Germany, occasional rants and relevant book recommendations. Most posts are written by our girls or former sex workers. You are more than welcome to comment and contribute with content or corrections.

Find below some of  the topics we write about:

Sex work news – the latest developments regarding sex workers rights and issues Erotic Berlin – stories and information about us and our beautiful ladies. Meta – you, it’s you, it’s all for you: service updates, technical issues etc. Books – where we recommend educational and intelligent reading materials. Articles on Health & Society issues, particularly revolving around sex work and sex workers also comprise a main subcategory on this blog.

What is Berlin Escorts about?


Berlin Escort Modelle is a select Berlin escorts agency in Berlin, Germany. We’ve been working to please you in every way for the last 3 years. And when we say every way, we mean it. We are striving to offer a very fine selection of ladies for various occasions. From charity events, soiree or prom to business meetings and fun nights out in the libertine city of Berlin. Think about dinners, about no strings attached girlfriends, erotic nights with candles and creative games, little toys to spark imagination reactions or visual stimulus, all at home or away, as you please. We want to make you happy if you’re coming to Berlin, show a little of that hospitality we’re famous for and we want to show you we know what you’re into if you’re a local. Berlin has no secrets for us but we sure have a few to show you. So whether you are looking for a dinner companion, a date for a business event or just a relaxing evening at home, don’t look any further. This Berlin Escorts agency

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