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How to book an outcall escort in Berlin

You are on this page because you’re looking to find out how to book an outcall escort from Escort Modelle of Berlin. It’s quite simple. All you have to do is make a selection of the girl (or girls – if you’re after a bisexual threesome) you’re interested in, click the “Book now” button below the girl presentation or ring the agency directly at (+49)15 22 10 40 240 and tell the receptionist where you wish to meet with your chosen girl.



Find below the usual steps of booking an outcall escort in Berlin, Germany and even Europe.

How to book outcall escorts in Berlin

  1. Easiest: call us. You can enquire about the prices, timings, kinks, safety or whatever else you’d like to know.
  2. Easier: use the booking form under each girl’s presentation (scroll down the page).
  3. Easy: email us. Use to write to us.
  4. Easy, but less timely: social media. We don’t check those often enough, although we get there eventually.

We’ve been activating successfully in the Charlottenburg area of Berlin since the inception of Berlin Escort Modelle. If you’re hosted here, that’s fantastic, because we’re close to you. The area is highly regarded by business people and wealthy tourists and it’s considered a wonderful choice for most visitors quality-cost wise. Please see our Charlottenburg outcall escorts page.

How to book outcall escorts in Germany

Same steps as above really, with the mention that we need to know exactly for how much time you want our outcall escort with you since we don’t accept negotiations in this respect. It’s not practicable for us to send an outcall escort on the other side of Germany for just 2 hours even if the transportation costs are fully supported by the client.

How to book outcall escorts in EU countries

We don’t service all the EU countries at this point, but we’re considering this for the future. However, it’s not that seldom that we send an outcall escort to the UK, Belgium or Netherlands. Just like above, some considerations exist regarding the booking time, so please feel free to ask us whether it’s practicable or not, depending on the country you want our girl to come to.

How to book outcall escorts in Bavaria

Oh, you little rascal! You know exactly how to do that, but we’ll gladly accept your message because it’s fun talking to you.


To make the best out of an outcall escort appointment we recommend you to book well in advance, and arrange to see the sexy girl of your choice for a couple of hours or more.

As you already know, we function by following a set of standards and rules we have in place for our lovely girls, so you can rest assured they know what they’re doing. When in doubt, always ask us or them and make sure everybody is happy.


Whether you are asking a sexy young escort to visit your home or your hotel’s address, please make sure you give precise directions to our dispatcher to avoid delays and disappointment.

In general our staff usually knows the location of major central Berlin and airport hotels and also some areas in Berlin quite well, but nothing beats clear instructions.

Mutual respect

Please treat our staff with utmost respect and understand the boundaries when expressed. We certainly love to keep your throbbing attention live and moist, but we need to feel that whatever happens is within our agreed verbal contract and our safety, emotional and psychological integrity are cared for just like we care for yours.

Services provided

You can find a list of the services we provide on the Services page; if you’re visiting this website from a desktop computer, you can also find these services on the left side of the website. If you’re on a mobile device it’s better if you go through the page mentioned above. Please note that not all the services our outcall escorts provide are listed, so it’s always a good idea to ask when in doubt; for example, many outcall escorts are happy to satisfy kinks like face-sitting (in your face, UK!), spitting and cumming on feet, which aren’t listed anywhere.

Outcall escorts come in all different types – young escorts, teenage(-like) escorts, mature, oriental escorts, blonde escorts, black escorts etc. All of them are very sexy, versed and eager to please. Many are also bisexual, so you can book a pair for your sexy outcall date.

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