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Facts about escorts in Berlin that you didn’t know

Facts about escorts in Berlin that you probably didn’t know is a small piece written by Alejandra Berlin, one of our highly wanted escorts.

Berlin is already considered a sex worker’s paradise, with a 15 billion / year profits turnover and a smartly organised industry, meant to serve anyone who is willing to pay for such services. Girls from everywhere in Europe come here to find work in this area. People from all over the world come here to meet those who offer this type of services. All in all, the industry is still growing, but maybe you can’t really grasp how far it has gone, and I mean that in a very good way, since I’m a proud sex worker myself.

It’s still funny and sad (and it’s not a contradiction in this case) that current laws are not providing the safest environment for the people who choose to provide sexual services and that Germany is considering changing the current legislation that is regarded as a relaxed and is widely applauded by the sex workers themselves and that French politicians are taking themselves too serious lately (although giving their obsessions with sex work somehow it doesn’t come as a surprise), but here are some interesting aspects you maybe didn’t know about.

More people than ever are happy to provide sexual services professionally

That’s right, if you do a Google search for “sex worker” on Twitter you’ll be amazed how many people are doing this and are not just in it for the money. I myself have friends who are full time students and work as sex workers occasionally. Somehow, being poorly treated by a power hungry McDonald’s branch manager doesn’t seem like an attractive option anymore; not that McDonald’s ever lacks staff. I’ve met people who are employed full time and enjoy a sex escapade and some expensive presents every once in a while and they don’t seem to be bothered by the facts that this is also a form of sex work.

Facts about escorts in Berlin

Facts about escorts in Berlin

Only a small percentage of female escorts in Berlin are uneducated

Giving the fact that the “pimp business model” is not working that well lately and escorts have gained more independency and are working safer since 2000, more and more escorts are educated to at least high school degree, although the BA and sometimes MA educated ones aren’t a rare encouter at all. Most likely the less educated escorts are the ones who are actively working on the streets, they are also the cheapest and come from a more sensitive social background. But they often have paid protectors around the block to ensure their safety, so don’t get any silly ideas.

Escorts generally have a higher IQ than the average people and a stronger desire for better life standards

Considering most sex workers expect hostility, bad reputation, poor treatment and judgemental reactions from the society, it takes a lot of courage, will and sometimes desperation to get into this business. In my experience, most escorts don’t do it out of desperation, they do it for the money and others, like me, do it for a whole set of reasons beyond financial renumeration. Hoever, looking for certain life standards, having the willpower to do it and the knowledge to keep it professional has to come with an IQ and a willpower above the average; I’m aware that this is not a fact until proven, so you can surely test it yourself next time you’re going to meet an escort for more than just sex.

We all have our days

As hard as it is for some people to believe, escorts have their good days and bad days too. There’s no point in lying about this and you, my precious customer, should know this better than anyone: not all days are great and not all days we have the energy and wisdom to keep ourselves untouched by the human misery around us. Sure, we fight to be at our best for most of the time and we absolutely understand that professionalism can’t fall short because of personal issues, but we are humans too and we suffer or get affected by our lives just like everyone else. If you can’t understand this and show the courtesy and respect every human being deserves regardless of what it does for a job, then you should probably keep your money and play by yourself.

Escorts pay taxes

Sex work is legal in Germany and all the girls who work for this Berlin escorts agency pay their taxes to the last cent. Nothing dodgy happens and you can enquire about it anytime you like, it’s all out there. Escorts declare their income and work as self-employed people.

We are an entirely women-run business

Berlin Escort Modelle is a women-run business that works with women only. There could by other agencies in Berlin that fit the profile, but we don’t know about them just yet (come forward, ladies, there’s a front we need to work here). It’s not because we’re feminists, but because it happens that women can be just as entrepreneurial as men are and there’s a clear demand for sexual services provided by women. And we intend to service this market and do it as professionally and efficient as possible.

Well, that’s about it for now. The important thing to remember is that beyond the nature of the business escorts are real people, with real needs who enjoy life and hate judgemental attitudes as much you do. Working as escorts does not define them – they are still very decent human beings, it’s something they do, not something they are.

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