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International Green Week Berlin 2015

International Green Week Berlin (2015 edition) is an established and one of the busiest public exhibitions in the world for the food, agriculture, and gardening industry. Every year, more than 1200 exhibitors from all over the world present innovations, new products and set trends within these industries, they make connections, meet potential business partners, investors and specialists and discuss the latest standards, interests and sometimes the best ways to lobby the governments to adopt certain measures or encourage developments.

International Green Week Berlin 2015

International Green Week Berlin 2015

Although we’d sure want to, we doubt that we could find ourselves among the sponsors for such an event. However, it’s almost like a tradition for us as well since every year quite a number of business people – men usually – ask for our escorts in Berlin and surrounding cities.

And, as always, we’re not just excited about serving the gentlemen and ladies who pertain to our sexual services in Berlin, but we’ve prepared for the International Green Week Berlin in style, postponing a certain percent of our normal orders to properly cover the event.

We have always had happy customers who are coming back every year, but this it’s special because we have some Latina busty escorts that made waves this year and we also enriched our existing number of blonde escorts in Berlin since there’s a clear demand in this respect from you guys.

Please keep in mind that we only offer outcall escorts, jaw-dropping young hot girls who come to your place only, that is. Wait for them with an erection (or soaked wet, if you’re a girl), please, to show your interest.

I’m joking, obviously.

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You want a lady to accompany you to the events as well as to ensure you’re having a good time after and maybe visit some clubs in Berlin? Of course you can!

We’d like to thank you for your loyalty again and wish you a fruitful experience at the congress.

We got you covered. Now you can cover our tight asses as well. 😉

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