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New: Latina callgirls in Berlin

Hi guys, hope you’re doing great and business runs as usual, if not better. As you probably have already noticed, we have added two more girls to our team and we’re very excited about this because they both come from Brazil, they are long time friends, they’ve been working in the industry for a while – thus experienced and well adjusted, and they have fantastic personalities.

As a result, we created a special category on the website specially for them and we kindly invite you to have a look and have a taste if you appreciate curvy intelligent girls with a lot to offer: the Latina Escort Girls.

Latina callgirls in Berlin

We know there’s a demand for Latina beauties around the block lately and especially curvy babes. We’re glad we managed to have them both and we’re very pleased to announce that they are at your service.

Like before, we wish you the best of fun and relaxation with them, take your time and make sure you feel life isn’t passing you by. They are incredibly joyous and easy to have fun with, they both appreciate well mannered classy gentlemen with a good sense of humour and they told us they LOVE Berlin so make sure you take them for a spin in that respect.

Any questions, ideas or complaints – we’d love to assist you, just drop us a line or call us.

Berlin Escort Modelle team

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  1. Peter says:

    Hi Latina girls
    I’m a 50 yo man visiting Berlin 11-12/2. Is an overnight stay possible? Price? Some pics?

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