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New Zeeland is the best country in the world for sex workers

New Zealand is the best place in the world to be a prostitute thanks to its robust laws, according an organisation which represents the nation’s sex workers.

For almost a decade and a half, sex workers in New Zealand have been protected by the Prostitution Reform Act 2003, which sought to decriminalise prostitution.

It’s not pot luck that New Zealand prostitutes have it better, says website. It can all be traced to a single piece of legislation that passed through parliament in 2003 — the Prostitution Reform Act.

The decision 12 years ago to decriminalise sex work meant it became legal to work in managed brothels without a size limit, work for yourself, work from home, work from the street or work from the web.

Janelle Fawkes from the Scarlett Alliance Sex Workers Association said it was time the rest of the country caught up.

“Decriminalisation is recognised by the United Nations Secretary General, United Nations Population Fund, UNAIDS and sex worker communities globally as the best model for delivering sex worker occupational health and safety, industrial and human rights as well as good public health outcomes,” Ms Fawkes said.

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