Berlin Escort Modelle – It’s a business doing pleasure with you.

Berlin Escorts – hot, discrete, enticing

A date for a business event? A relaxing evening at home? Or maybe a young hot college girl type companion for tonight? This Escort Berlin agency is all about you.

Let’s meet.

Don’t try to give us orgasms, please. We’re working!

We often get told the “I’m gonna give it to you real good” story, where the man almost goes out of his way to make us, women, reach sexual climax. There are variations of that story, like “I’m gonna make you feel good”, “let me show you what my dick can do”, “have ever had sex with a real man?” and “I bet nobody fucked you this good before”, among many others.

And many times these aren’t just stories. Guys often try to materialise them. They pound with style, hard and fast. They f*ck me from behind like the world is ending tomorrow.

Natalie Schoolgirl

These are all nice, of course, generally speaking. If my limits are respected – whatever makes you happy, babes! It’s what I’m here for.

But they have little to do with most of us.

First, most of us (I’d like to believe that all of us, in this case) love our jobs. We’re good at it, we’ve been doing it for a while (some) or we’ve been learning crash-course style for the past 6 months or more. Some of us developed long time relationships – business wise – and we learned a lot about a lot of industries and possibilities, others don’t think about it too much and they’re in for the money, good time and the quality events or companionship.

But all of us share a common treat at Berlin Escort Modelle, and that is: professionalism; because it’s business in the end.

Which takes me to the second point; we are here to make you happy. In certain ways, naturally. We are not here to satisfy ourselves sexually, to collect sexual experiences for our kinky diaries (which would also be a liability and are, thus, forbidden at Berlin Escort Modelle), we’re not even here to give you an environment where you can show how well you can use your love-meat. Trust me – you’re usually good at it!

I, personally, can’t have an deep, complex, all-body-involved orgasm unless it’s not business. That kind of orgasm is for my lover. For my life partner. For whoever is not a client. (Truth be told, sometimes I do reach climax with clients, but that’s not the norm and I don’t intend to make it the norm.)

Alejandra red dressJust like you, we have a business life with whatever that implies depending on the industry, culture and whatnot and a personal life. It just happens that our business lives involves sex. We like it, but we’re not nymphomaniacs or wish to perform whenever the occasion arises; we abide by a set of rules (safety and privacy before anything else) and we surely want to get paid, because it’s a job and not a hobby.

So, to put it bluntly, we don’t want you to work your spirit, your energy and invest money to give us an orgasm. Not that we hate orgasms – oh no! -, but we’re professionals and this necessarily means to us that love life and business won’t get mixed in the same bowl of bodily fluids. So we won’t allow ourselves that pleasure because we will be concentrating on you and let our sex life aside while doing that.

I’ll reiterate, we like our jobs but it’s business in the end. And, just like you, we ask for respect as human beings, as performers, as business people, women and sometimes educators and even therapists.

We do appreciate your efforts nevertheless. 🙂 Every time a man or a woman tries to make us reach sexual climax it’s a compliment to most of us. We won’t be able to act on it or enjoy it for most of the times, since we’re doing business and not enjoying our time off, but we definitely appreciate it.

The best sex to have with one of our sex workers? Let her work her magic, gently guide her so she can please you the best as possible, leave your worries at the door, deeply relax and treat her like the nurse she is. You. Will. Love it.

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