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Alejandra review: ‘wonderful time, a super sweet GFE’

We all know here, at Escort Berlin, that Alejandra is a heart melter; she’s been turning heads on the street since we know her, ‘twisting’ arms and hearts of men from all walks of life with her kinks and stories, like the pro she is, and showing confidence and respect for everybody like a real people princess.

Back when we started, Alejandra was always the soul of the party, a larger-than-life entertainer who would imprint herself into your horny memory for the rest of your life. Not that she can’t be the soul of the party anymore, she’s just more relaxed and refined now, as you’ll agree with your next booking.

Here’s what a fine gentlemen had to say about her a while back, on


Key takeaways: wonderful time, a super sweet GFE.

It was wonderful time spent with Alejandra, I really did not felt [she] was an escort. Alejandra [offered] a super sweet girlfriend experience that will have me smiling for days to come. Thank you again!

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alejandra berlin with a red rose

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