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Book recommendations

Berlin Escort Modelle’s book recommendations on sex work, sexuality and social issues. From challenging the norms to educational materials and life quality improvements – social, political and psychological perspectives. Sometimes we’re just sharing kinky stuff.

To Live Freely in This World: Sex Worker Activism in Africa [Book & Video]

To Live Freely in This World Sex Worker Activism in Africa

To Live Freely in This World: Sex Worker Activism in Africa by Chi Adanna Mgbako is an incredibly well-written, unique, and important contribution to the conversation around sex work and considered to be the first book to fully document the sex workers’ rights movement in Africa. Chi Adanna Mgbako, a Clinical Professor of Law in the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School, drew upon her original fieldwork from seven African countries, including interviews with 160 sex worker activists, to write To Live Freely in This World: Sex Worker Activism in Africa, a story of the brave men and women at the heart of the sex workers’ rights movement across the continent. The first-person testimonies give the reader an invaluable insight into the strength and determination various activists have displayed in the face of the many adversities that flow from the marginalization of entire groups of people. The book introduces the reader to the subject of sex work, and then goes on to explain the various harms that flow from criminalization and the status of activism

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Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object [Book recommendation]

Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object

“Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object” is a lively meditation on the profession of nude modeling – that ‘spine-tingling combination of power and vulnerability, submission and dominance’ – as it has been practiced in history and as it is practiced today. Nude modeling is so far afield from anything most of people ever do. Except for sex work, as far as we’re concerned. Rooney is also quite knowledgeable of the history of art modeling and this easily transpires from the beginning.

Global Sex Workers: Rights, Resistance, and Redefinition [Book recommendation]

Global Sex Workers presents the personal experiences of sex workers around the world. Drawing on their individual narratives, it explores international struggles to uphold the rights of this often marginalized group. Sexual preferences are determined culturally in our societies for the most part. It’s a treat we all share regardless of sex, but societal standards (such as what’s desired in terms of body shapes and what’s considered to be beautiful, in what parts of the world and why) can be influenced by the level of education and historical aspects of that society, to oversimplify. The book makes a very good case for why all forms of sex work should be legal (age, consent and informed decision are already implied) and how, once entirely decriminalised, it can positively affect a vast number of aspects regarding the industries formed around it, including the public understanding of sex work, like the social stigma. Get it securely from Amazon. The concept of sex work emerged in the 70s through the prostitutes’ rights movements in the US and Western Europe. Definitions and stances came to light

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Doing the Deed (A Wife’s Anal Training) [Book recommendation]

Doing the Deed (A Wife's Anal Training)

There are plenty of reasons why your wife doesn’t want to try anal. Maybe because you don’t show the patience she needs (there, I’ve said it!) in order for her to even consider it, she’s reluctant to try the very first step. Maybe she already tried it with her ex (the not so smart, but a hottie hulky) and that pothead didn’t understood there’s a whole lot more to it than inserting your penis into a hole – he actually managed to ruin it for you as well with his arrogance. Maybe she thinks of it in not so calm terms, if you get my drift. Maybe a lot of things. The point is, there’s help out there, or at least an encouragement that you shouldn’t give up if your wife’s ass is worth it or if your fantasy regarding her ass is enough to make your rocks get harder and bothersome. And anal sex if frigging awesome! One of these materials is “Doing the Deed (A Wife’s Anal Training)“; I can’t promise much, of course, as things dramatically differ

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Thought-provoking book about sexism [Book recommendation]

everyday sexism

It’s not the bombs, the merciless big corporations people or the lawyers who will ruin this world of ours. It’s ideas that hijack our brains, like religion, conspirational BS and the way we think it’s ok to treat each other, as human beings. And when we become so angered by the fact that someone stops and admonishes us by saying that whatever stupid comment we made it’s completely sexist, demeaning and upsetting to a category of people, it’s a sign that we’re heading the wrong direction with our societal values or whatever we want to call them; we should be ashamed of ourselves instead of showcasing our ignorance further. Don’t let yourself fooled into thinking that feminism means bashing men; that’s some extreme view of it. Feminism is about equality and mutual respect. Historically, this equality hasn’t really existed. Nor the respect. It’s really the time to change this for the better. And maybe you could listen a bit before going ballistic on everyone who supports this idea. After experiencing a series of escalating sexist incidents, Laura Bates, a young

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