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New: Latina callgirls in Berlin


Hi guys, hope you’re doing great and business runs as usual, if not better. As you probably have already noticed, we have added two more girls to our team and we’re very excited about this because they both come from Brazil, they are long time friends, they’ve been working in the industry for a while – thus experienced and well adjusted, and they have fantastic personalities. As a result, we created a special category on the website specially for them and we kindly invite you to have a look and have a taste if you appreciate curvy intelligent girls with a lot to offer: the Latina Escort Girls. Latina callgirls in Berlin We know there’s a demand for Latina beauties around the block lately and especially curvy babes. We’re glad we managed to have them both and we’re very pleased to announce that they are at your service. Like before, we wish you the best of fun and relaxation with them, take your time and make sure you feel life isn’t passing you by. They are incredibly joyous and easy

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Why work as an escort (sex worker) – my top 8 reasons

alejandra and cami

All of my colleagues have their own reasons to work in the adult industry (and this specific escorting agency) and no one, including myself, can judge them and their lives based on those reasons. The decision in itself is a bold one, you’ll have to agree with that. Not everyone is cut to do it and even those who are, find it terribly difficult to get into this business for a number of many other reasons, safety and dignity being the most relevant and serious of them all. I’m lucky indeed to work in a team of escorts that aren’t 100% driven by economic reasons when it comes to this business.   Why work as an escort, my top 8 personal reasons ♠ ♠ ♠ 1. The money is good. Coming from a background somewhere not far below the middle class, life seemed to provide me with less opportunities to pursue my happiness as I have defined it. I’ve always liked fancy clothes, fine wines and trendy furniture, it seemed only natural to try and invest into the lifestyle I

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A call girl in Berlin

marina call girl berlin

As the summer comes, Berlin is getting hotter in every sense. People smile more, girls wear less clothes and public parks hide lovers who slip their hands under the t-shirts. Marina is one of our high valued call girls in Berlin. She’s very sexy and attractive, kisses like a queen, but hums like a kitten. She’s also a good listener and keeps eye contact when you’re addressing her. Nights can be unforgettable with this fantastic girl. Marina is always on time and she rarely disappoints. Fit and a known teaser, she can play your girlfriend better than your actual girlfriend. Ask her for a massage and the heaven will fall upon you, with a stars explosion of eroticism and sweet caresses. If soft bondage makes you scream of pleasure, you can have it. Or try toys. Adults have always known that toys are no longer for children only. But why stop here? Combine your erotic massage with some exotic toys and ask her to be soft-dominant with you. Now you’re talking. To all seekers out there we’d like to tell

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A night with Alejandra in the old Berlin

alejandra berlin in a dress having coffee

— UPDATE 12.05.2015 Alejandra is back everyone! For all of you to whom Alejandra represented one of the good reasons to come to Berlin and enjoy a little harmless escapism, this is certainly dear news. Head over to her profile for bookings and more info. Thanks! — UPDATE 24.06.2014: Alejandra is leaving Berlin Escort Modelle to pursue other dreams. We apologise for the inconvenience and we’d like to invite you to have a look over the delightful options we currently present.   For those of you who already met gorgeous Alejandra there’s nothing more really that I can say to convince you to go out with her again. You probably already asked for her charms more than  a couple of times. No doubt, she’s worth it! But for those of you who haven’t met Alejandra, you don’t know what you’re missing. And this is not an over reaction, trust me. Alejandra knows secrets and she’s willing to share them when the mood is right and when your caresses show her how you feel. Every little gesture, every pointed finger, every

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