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Lexy Panterra twerking like you won’t believe it

lexy panterra

There’s a lot of eroticism in twerking; from the hot African beauties, to Miley Cyrus and to internet celebrity Lexy Panterra, twerking is now a full-blown (and we lasciviously emphasize blow) fun act that’s practised by all sorts of celebrities and dancers from around the world. When you see that ass move like that, it’s a turn on for everyone. We friggin’ love it! Here’s Lexy showing off on the streets of Hollywood for your enjoyment; she’s twerking like you can’t believe it to “Middle” by DJ Snake featuring Bipolar Sunshine song.

Kink ideas: how to dress for an adult themed party

So you’re preparing to go to your first adult themed party with your new friends. Smart woman, we say! Before wasting too much time on how to dress and spend a lot of money on typical kinky outfits, with laces, leather and whatever the online sex shops offer, why not go for a simple, fresh, fashion friendly look?

A birthday surprise for your wife (Kink ideas)

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Sex life for couples who’ve been together for many years can turn into a boring every-day-do’s-and-dont’s lists and chores; but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, bring her the moon or buy your wife a new car (although admittedly you could do that and hope for the best) to spice up your long time romance. What we’d suggest is a bit different, more down to Earth and sexually involved. There’s an idea for you: call your wife and tell her you have a surprise for her birthday, a tender wet and luscious one that is. “Honey, don’t be late tonight, we’re gonna have a late desert this evening. Oh, and that really short dress I love must be on you for this.” Birthday surprise for wife / Source She’ll get curious and suspect what you have in mind for the desert, but she’ll play along and hurry to finish earlier today. She’ll be thinking maybe she should get another dress for the occasion, even shorter and teen-ish, because over 40′s can be damn sexy and experience can sure add

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