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[Updated] We’re on holiday between July 17th and September 4

holiday 2016

Update 16.08.2016: we’re a bit short-handed until September, but we do take bookings, please get in touch. Hey stranger and loyal lover! We dearly appreciate your visit and your intentions so while we regret that we can’t meet you right now (it would’ve been fun, as always), we’re also happy to be able to take a break and enjoy different settings, have an emotional refresh and meet with old friends over a glass of fine wine. We’re away until September 4th. You can still leave your messages through email (Facebook closed our page for no reason) and WhatsApp and even pre-book appointments for after September 4th, when most of us should be back, but we won’t be able to keep in touch with you as much as we’d like to or confirm booking dates, so please be patient and rest assured that we’ll be right back to business as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, guys. Meanwhile have some fun in Berlin your way and remember to tell us all about it.

[Solved] Troubles with our email account, please bear with us

Failure notice

It seems we have a little trouble receiving messages lately, due to a server fault. If you’ve been trying to get in touch with us through email (info – at – you probably received a “Failure Notice” or some error like that; it’s just a configuration problem we have to deal with and it’s our registrar that has the control for now, but we can’t seem to get through to them. We’re trying our best to sort it out before the beginning of the next week. Meanwhile you can still call us +4915221040240 and this remains our principal point of contact. Apologies for the inconvenience, please rest assured we’re doing our best to sort this out. Thanks! BEM Team.

The hot, twerking world of the big black booties

lexy panterra

Internet is been going wild on big black booties for some time now. All those big buttocks twerking gifs turned the teenage boys and older chaps alike into big ass lovers who are now proud and easy to admit that they dig chubby girls and they find them absolutely stunning. It was about damn time, truth be told. The standards set by the fashion industry and showbiz were ridiculous, unhealthy and didn’t catered to enough social groups. Enter normality – because big behinds and large shoulders are just as normal as any other body type. What I personally find even more laudable and fair is that the trend finally included black women and we can see that many white men actually enjoy having / loving / tapping / kissing / holding / masturbating to these plus size gorgeous lovers. Variety, I’ve always said, is the secret to a fulfilled life. I’m a rather well padded woman myself although not the big booty type. I’m not proud but neither ashamed of my body. I feel that its shape is the way

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Don’t try to give us orgasms, please. We’re working!

Marina Berlin Escort

We often get told the “I’m gonna give it to you real good” story, where the man almost goes out of his way to make us, women, reach sexual climax. There are variations of that story, like “I’m gonna make you feel good”, “let me show you what my dick can do”, “have ever had sex with a real man?” and “I bet nobody fucked you this good before”, among many others. And many times these aren’t just stories. Guys often try to materialise them. They pound with style, hard and fast. They f*ck me from behind like the world is ending tomorrow. These are all nice, of course, generally speaking. If my limits are respected – whatever makes you happy, babes! It’s what I’m here for. But they have little to do with most of us. First, most of us (I’d like to believe that all of us, in this case) love our jobs. We’re good at it, we’ve been doing it for a while (some) or we’ve been learning crash-course style for the past 6 months or more.

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International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

The Nordic Model has been causing a lot of stir in Europe, and for the good reasons, we must say. There have been public meetings in several countries and campaigning against this amendment from various NGO’s supporting the sex workers’ rights, including sex workers themselves, particularly in the UK and US. “Today, a growing consensus around the world claims the sex trade perpetuates male violence against women, and so customers should be held as criminals. On the contrary, it’s decriminalizing prostitution that could make women—in and outside the sex industry—safer.” In a landmark win, the amendment to criminalise sex workers’ clients was defeated in the House of Commons with John McDonnell MP making a very good argumentation against the clause (watch video here). Hong Kong wasn’t far away and stories about sex workers being abused and neglected by the society and the Government – because of bad legislation, stigma and lack of understanding – surfaced and made the news. In the light of the recent events and campaigns, Sex Workers Outreach Project, a USA based social justice network dedicated to

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Outcall escorts Berlin

big heart

What are outcall escorts? Outcall escorts are companions who go to the client’s location to provide the service they are contracted for. Following the definition, an incall escort is the companion who receives the client at her or his location. If it’s a “pleasure house”, it’s usually the case for incall escorts. We, at Berlin Escorts, are happy to say we only offer outcall escorts in Berlin, all over Germany and almost anywhere in Europe; it’s easier to maintain our standards, protect you privacy and ensure everyone is happy. Read more about our prices and the types of services we provide with a big smile, a warm heart and a short tight dress. Our heart below:   There are advantages to booking outcall escorts in Berlin; first, once you’ve booked in at your favourite hotel, you can call us for one of our ladies and the girl (or girls, if you like) will come directly to your room, where you can enjoy your time at your own pace. There’s also the space familiarity, the fact that you don’t have to

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New: Latina callgirls in Berlin


Hi guys, hope you’re doing great and business runs as usual, if not better. As you probably have already noticed, we have added two more girls to our team and we’re very excited about this because they both come from Brazil, they are long time friends, they’ve been working in the industry for a while – thus experienced and well adjusted, and they have fantastic personalities. As a result, we created a special category on the website specially for them and we kindly invite you to have a look and have a taste if you appreciate curvy intelligent girls with a lot to offer: the Latina Escort Girls. Latina callgirls in Berlin We know there’s a demand for Latina beauties around the block lately and especially curvy babes. We’re glad we managed to have them both and we’re very pleased to announce that they are at your service. Like before, we wish you the best of fun and relaxation with them, take your time and make sure you feel life isn’t passing you by. They are incredibly joyous and easy

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Open Internet Project and how it affects the sex work industry

For once, things could be getting better in terms of allowing fair competition in Google’s search results when it comes to the sex work industry. Open Internet Project is a community of European Consumers and Digital Entrepreneurs that demand ban of Google’s manipulative favouring of own services and content. In our situation manipulative favouring of own services and content is not the case since Google is not competing with us in the sex work industry – thank god for that. But what it does in our case is to constantly ban our Google+ profiles and anything related to our website while allowing others to be, thus preventing fair competition within the search results by denying our chances to compete in the first place.  When you’re googling for Berlin Escorts you can find certain websites that are doing pretty well in terms of position ranking and other interesting results. Now we’re not going to get into SEO debating, guessing and analysing Google’s guidelines in this sesnse. We have sure read those guidelines countless times, but because they own 90% of the

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Facts about escorts in Berlin that you didn’t know

Facts about escorts in Berlin

Facts about escorts in Berlin that you probably didn’t know is a small piece written by Alejandra Berlin, one of our highly wanted escorts. Berlin is already considered a sex worker’s paradise, with a 15 billion / year profits turnover and a smartly organised industry, meant to serve anyone who is willing to pay for such services. Girls from everywhere in Europe come here to find work in this area. People from all over the world come here to meet those who offer this type of services. All in all, the industry is still growing, but maybe you can’t really grasp how far it has gone, and I mean that in a very good way, since I’m a proud sex worker myself. It’s still funny and sad (and it’s not a contradiction in this case) that current laws are not providing the safest environment for the people who choose to provide sexual services and that Germany is considering changing the current legislation that is regarded as a relaxed and is widely applauded by the sex workers themselves and that French

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Status update

escorts berlin website

With the latest trends in the adult industry, Berlin surely rides the waves. Our escort agency has been working hard to provide high quality services to its customers and it’s now paying off, with many of you writing us to express your satisfaction with the ladies and their lovely attitude. We are, of course, very happy and we hope to keep the standards up and become one of the your first choices in terms of intelligent and sexy feminine company. We know that starting with May 2014 new businesses will be born in Berlin and we want to be there for your needs: relaxation is not a thing to easily forget about. Ask us for adult stories, we’re masters at telling more than we’re supposed to. Or showing, for that matter. So if you were searching for “escorts  berlin” to score some anal sex tonight or on your next visit to Berlin, you have most certainly came to the right address. We like to keep our mouths open even when we don’t speak. And you know it’s good. But before

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Wanted: escort girls in Berlin

marina in black dress

If you are 18 – 26, pretty, with a sweet disposition and a hot body, a fun and outgoing personality, you could make a lot of money working as a professional escort at our Berlin agency. We are looking for smart sophisticated ladies that are comfortable mingling with successful powerful men. We have strong work ethics and offer good work conditions to all our girls. Your skills and personality are wanted. Please email us for more details.

This escort has taken some time off

beach giirl

You have been automatically redirected here. This escort is taking some time off from Berlin Escort Modelle to pursue other dreams. We apologise for the inconvenience and we’d like to invite you to have a look over the delightful options we currently present.   Should you have any questions, please check whether they’ve been answered already on our FAQ page or use the contact form to send us a message. Thank you for your understanding, we really appreciate your interest. BEM team.