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Why do people have affairs? (Video essay)

why people have affairs

It’s generally not the random horniness or the “plain old nasty” when people wish and decide to have affairs. Affairs stem from the very fiddly aspect of our romantic psychology and lust may have very little to do with it. Watch this 3 minutes video essay on the reasons why we have affairs and why not to get too harsh with yourself or your partner since people almost never get into a relationship with the same needs for closeness or distance. In the end is openness, respect and understanding that keeps it all together.

Lexy Panterra twerking like you won’t believe it

lexy panterra

There’s a lot of eroticism in twerking; from the hot African beauties, to Miley Cyrus and to internet celebrity Lexy Panterra, twerking is now a full-blown (and we lasciviously emphasize blow) fun act that’s practised by all sorts of celebrities and dancers from around the world. When you see that ass move like that, it’s a turn on for everyone. We friggin’ love it! Here’s Lexy showing off on the streets of Hollywood for your enjoyment; she’s twerking like you can’t believe it to “Middle” by DJ Snake featuring Bipolar Sunshine song.

The hot, twerking world of the big black booties

lexy panterra

Internet is been going wild on big black booties for some time now. All those big buttocks twerking gifs turned the teenage boys and older chaps alike into big ass lovers who are now proud and easy to admit that they dig chubby girls and they find them absolutely stunning. It was about damn time, truth be told. The standards set by the fashion industry and showbiz were ridiculous, unhealthy and didn’t catered to enough social groups. Enter normality – because big behinds and large shoulders are just as normal as any other body type. What I personally find even more laudable and fair is that the trend finally included black women and we can see that many white men actually enjoy having / loving / tapping / kissing / holding / masturbating to these plus size gorgeous lovers. Variety, I’ve always said, is the secret to a fulfilled life. I’m a rather well padded woman myself although not the big booty type. I’m not proud but neither ashamed of my body. I feel that its shape is the way

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11 Sex Work Documentaries That Will Challenge You

Live Nude Girls Unite!

“Sex work” is such a catch-all term that it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it means. It can be voluntary or involuntary. It can mean anything from pole dancing to stripping to prostitution to therapy. With a term so hard to pin down, forming an opinion about the definition becomes equally complex. The 11 films on this list walk outside the boundaries of the industry and show us just how vast and diverse the world surrounding this occupation can be. The majority of sex workers aren’t fantastical bleached-blond porn starlets with larger-than-life boob jobs: They’re real working people who get frustrated with the constraints of their various jobs, lifestyles and microeconomies, just like everyone else. And despite sex-positive feminism’s tense efforts at wishing away the ugly parts, there are indeed many sex workers who are unwillingly trapped in prostitution as well. What’s special about all of these documentaries is the way they manage to balance the pretty and the painful, the hopeful with the badass. Whichever way you currently lean when it comes to the often-divisive politics that surround sex

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Sex workers and the sex industry regulations in the UK

uk model

Prof Graham Scambler, Professor of Medical Sociology, UCL Institute of Epidemiology & Health talks about the sex industry as it was in 2009 (which is not different from what it is and how it works today) with focus on the female sex workers. Professor Graham will try and challenge some myths and stereotypes surrounding this industry in the video below, also speak about the how the society could best regulate this industry, if we must regulate it in the first place, considering that it “excites strong emotions, and sometimes evidence-based policy is replaced by policy-based evidence.” He goes on to explain that he identified two discourses that have been influential and are used by various countries to regulate the sex industry, one is the public health – a rather liberal stance, and the other, more powerful in its effect and with a strong ideology, a sex trafficking discourse. “We should look at the likely consequences of a law, rather than let our moral precepts dictate what the law is regardless of the consequences of its implementation.” The talk is vert

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Whatever they say, sex work it’s just work for most

sex work is just work

Sex is no stranger to the Internet, and yet sex workers — including porn actors, escorts and webcam models — continue to face unique hostility in the digital age. In addition to stigma, negativity and “rescue” efforts, many sex workers face discrimination from online services that most of us use without thinking twice. For example, Amazon has allegedly deleted sex workers’ Wish Lists, while Chase Bank recently began canceling non-criminal sex workers’ accounts. Read the entire article on Mashable.

About what beauty is and how it works

Media has a way of glorifying men with large muscles and women who are skinny. This is especially troubling for women, as they see thinness being associated with beauty, leading to eating disorders and women who are underweight. But just how long does it take to affect someone? Laci answers this tough question and also explains why the glorification of underweight women can have a ton of negative effects. What we define as beauty standards changes over time and nowadays beautiful means something slightly different than it used to mean a while back. Lately, however, there has been more pressure in the media to stop portraying underweight women as the the one and only standard of beauty. Standards can be taught and it’s only responsible of us that we teach our younger generations that being too slim or too curvy should not be a standard.

Berlin Escorts – video presentation

berlin escort modelle video

This is a little video presentation in German of our Berlin Escorts Agency.