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Thought-provoking book about sexism [Book recommendation]

It’s not the bombs, the merciless big corporations people or the lawyers who will ruin this world of ours. It’s ideas that hijack our brains, like religion, conspirational BS and the way we think it’s ok to treat each other, as human beings. And when we become so angered by the fact that someone stops and admonishes us by saying that whatever stupid comment we made it’s completely sexist, demeaning and upsetting to a category of people, it’s a sign that we’re heading the wrong direction with our societal values or whatever we want to call them; we should be ashamed of ourselves instead of showcasing our ignorance further.

Don’t let yourself fooled into thinking that feminism means bashing men; that’s some extreme view of it. Feminism is about equality and mutual respect. Historically, this equality hasn’t really existed. Nor the respect. It’s really the time to change this for the better. And maybe you could listen a bit before going ballistic on everyone who supports this idea.

After experiencing a series of escalating sexist incidents, Laura Bates, a young journalist, started a project called ‘everyday sexism’ to raise the profile of these previously untold stories. Astounded by the response she received and the wide range of stories that came pouring in from all over the world, she quickly realised that the situation was far worse than she’d initially thought. Enough was enough. From being harassed and wolf-whistled at on the street, to discrimination in the workplace and serious sexual assault, it was clear that sexism had become normalised. Bates decided it was time for women to lead a real change. Bold, jaunty but always intelligent, everyday sexism is a protest against inequality that provides a unique window into the vibrant movement sparked by this juggernaut of stories – often shocking, sometimes amusing and always poignant. With an Introduction by Sarah Brown, this book is a manifesto for change; a ground breaking, anecdotal examination of sexism in modern day society. Welcome to the fourth wave of feminism.

Everyday Sexism / Amazon

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everyday sexism

Laura Bates, the author, studied English at Cambridge University and went on to be a freelance journalist. She has written for the Guardian, the Independent, the New Statesman, Red Magazine and Grazia among others. She is also contributor at Women Under Siege, a New-York based organisation working to combat the use of sexual violence as a tool of war in conflict zones worldwide. She is the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project.

The empowering and enlightening book is about gender equality in our society, tough to hear stories, standing taller and standing up for people’s right not to experience sexism and about how things could be better with the correct approach. Little abuses soon turn to greater, flagrant abuses if left unanswered or tackled, stepping up is mandatory in order to be treated as an equal. The book is about feminism as it should be, not the cheap kind, but the worthy kind.

Wonderfully written, diagnostic, erudite, laying the facts of sexism in our society bare: Laura Bates writes stunningly and empoweringly. Hers is a voice that enables and foregrounds the experiences of others. Rather than using the book as a self-promotional platform, Bates punctuates her own writing with the real life experiences of the women who have contributed to the project. Though chronicling truly harrowing cases of sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination towards women, the book also offers hope, leaving the reader surged with righteous anger and the desire to change and challenge this behaviour when we encounter it in the real world! The book itself is a portrait of an inspiring project brought together by a talented and dedicated woman. This book should be shared, read by men and women alike and used as a tool to motivate ourselves towards true progress and change. — Megan Beech

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