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Sensual Martha is one of a kind beauty with a perfect peachy derrière to lighten your day.
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Caty is a candid teenage-looking escort in Berlin who has a kink for older well endowed men.
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Alejandra is back! Enjoy your evening of hot sweaty sex and kinky escapism with our most wanted.
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Sylvia is 25 years old girl next door stunner, wears a streamlined Assembly of 36, is very cute and cuddly like a little Pussycat.
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Fiona is a sensuous, elegant captivating beauty. She loves to pamper and make a man feel like he is the only person in the world.
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Diana Escort Berlin - Elegant, fit and incredibly sexy, you will be captivated by her perfect figure and her irresistible charm.

Berlin Escort Modelle is a high-class escort agency

Activating for almost 10 years, Berlin Escort Modelle has been a constant refreshing presence in the local German scene and we've managed to build a reputation as a reliable, forward-thnking and customer-oriented girls escorting agency.

We've always maintained a gorgeous selection of hand-picked lady escorts for those visiting or living in Berlin. Though very open minded in terms of services we offer, the new laws have capped some of our enthusiasm but we can still satisfy some kinks when the mood is right, give us a shout when you make a booking.

We offer complete discretion to our customers and we ask for the same courtesy from them. As far as we're concerned, you're a gentleman or lady who wishes to spend a hot evening with a beautiful sexy lady or a girl next door and enjoy your life. It's about you this time, your needs, eroticism and relaxation and we're delighted to take care of that.
Choose one of our select escorts and we can promise you quality time well spent in Berlin.

We want to make sure you will come back and recommend us. Let our naughty blondes show you some really good time and you can be playful and childish, because this is your Me Time.

This is an opportunity to enjoy wonderful times with our escort call girls, day or night. You can learn about their preferences from their profile pages, determine what girl or girls are suitable for you and are appealing to your senses. We're disabled friendly and do some favours too. You can book one or more escorts to come and visit you to your hotel room at the hours preferred by you. If you would like to know anything more about any of our call girls, like what other services they can perfom for you and personal preferences, don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to answer your questions.

We strive to offer you the best services in the industry and our policy is to ensure you are provided with all the information you need to make a satisfactory choice.

Why is Berlin Escort Modelle so appreciated?

First, for our standards. The way we operate, the customer care, the training and benefits we offer to our girls, our work ethos and professionalism make us one of the most hunted escort agencies in Berlin by the ladies and one of the most visited by Johns. We've managed to create a bridge between the high class escorting and the affordable and do it in such a manner that everyone is happy with what they offer or being offered. We know that offering high quality company is a learned skill and not a innate quality.

Secondly, we are non judgemental; we strive to eliminate any pejorative terms and double standards from the industry we operate in. There are boudaries and rules to follow by everyone involved, but this doesn't mean fun is ever left out; quite the contrary: it's our business doing pleasure with you!
And, finally, quality control. We never let things float by themselves, there is always a direction, training and constant service improvement. We listen to you, please speak with us and let us know how can we get better at satisfying your needs.

We understand that pleasure is not always about the beauty nor strictly about the sex; however, we work hard to feel, look and act beautiful nevertheless. We want that for our girls and we want that for you. Let's keep things this way if possible.

How can I book an escort in Berlin?

That's very simple: just click on each girl's page and find the "Book [girl name] now" button at the end of the page. Click on it and insert your contact & location details. Find more details about how to book an outcall escort in Berlin.

What prices do Berlin Escort Modelle practice?

Booking Berlin Escorts: Outcall or Incall?

What's the Berlin Escorts program?

We're always open. 24/7. Whole year. Because sexual needs don't take holidays.

As always, we appreciate your time and generosity and we wish to thank you for the opportunity to enchant you. Please enjoy your adventure with our Berlin Escorts and rest assured that we are constantly working to make your stay in Berlin as pleasant and unforgettable as possible.